A Crazy Experiment...

The Journey

The Crazy Gin was an idea developed by the Crazy Singh to distil his Punjabi heritage & British upbringing into a drink that blends both cultures perfectly together.

Like many first generation British Indians, the Crazy Singh’s upbringing brought together the best of both cultures. This was especially true when it came to food; tarka baked beans for breakfast or spam sabji for dinner were never far off the menu in his house (contact us for the recipe to satisfy your intrigue).

However, when it came to drinks he was unable to find one that matched the same level of experimentation as the food, so he decided to create one himself. Unfortunately, everyone did not share the same passion as him and thought he was ‘crazy’ for trying to create this fusion in a drink.

Fortunately for you... he persevered to satisfy his thirst to make his vision a reality, resulting in the Gin that stands in front of you today - ‘Crazy Gin’

Crazy Gin is vacuum distilled to enhance the flavours of the fruit lassi and the fragrant spices of classic gin botanicals. It combines ‘lassi’, a traditional Punjabi drink (drunk by his forefathers in India) with the quintessential British Gin (drunk by him today).

He hopes that you have as much fun drinking it as he had making it ... embrace the craziness inside of you and create your own amazing memories.

“don’t let others hold you back in search of your dreams, keep the focus and passion and you will reach them one day. Step up and raise the standards…” The Crazy Singh 2016


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